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How I Found My Love For Romance Novels

Today, I decided to hold on with my latest review and answer some questions which a lot of people keep asking me. What made me fall so madly in love with novels? The truth is, I don’t t know. Maybe the love has always been in my blood…so, something must have triggered it. And that is where I can give a definite answer.
I started reading novels when I was eleven…at least that’s when I became aware that I was reading so much bigger books than the rest of my friends. And that was definitely when I realised that all the books I read then were romance novels. And that, was when I realised I wanted to be a novelist…so much for an eleven year old school girl, right.
As I mentioned earlier, I read a lot then. At least two novels a week…I would rather do nothing else. And talking about what triggered my dormant love, I have made a list of all the books I read back then…at least the ones that I remember… And I wanna share it with you. And of you are not a romance lover yet, this list just might be the magic potion. I may not remember the author for each novel.
A Stranger In The Mirror
The Man From St. Petersburg
Diamond by Ruth Langan
Tangled by Mary Balogh
Aspen Gold
All Good Things by Sandra Kitt
In The Middle Of Nowhere by Ruby Yayra Goka
You can also read The Witness by Nora Roberts here

All the books by Peggy Oppong
And nearly all the Nora Roberts books I could get hold of.
Its a shame I can’t remember all the books but the ones listed above are definitely ones that I can never forget.
This is a book someone suggested to me. I have not read it yet though i intend to. Delayed Love I hope the title is all it promises to be.

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