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Second Chance by Nicole Taylor(A Christian romance)

A few days back I was working on my novel, "A Northern Affair" which is first of a trilogy when my sister made ac comment on romance novels that had me thinking a lot. She said you can never mix romance with Christianity so,I set out to prove her wrong.I downloaded a number of Christian romance novels. I mean, I have always known that there were christian romance writers, I have read a few my self, but that was such a long time ago. So, recently I decided to read one, just to remind myself and to prove my sister wrong. Let me say that most of the Christian romance novels that I have read myself in the past weren't exactly chic, so I wasn't expecting anything extra ordinary. but I read this one book "Second Chance" by Nicole Taylor and it has totally changed my view on Christian romance books. Click on the image to get the book on amazon kindle I mean this book is so relatable it was almost like reading about a part of my life, mind you I'm not famous like the characters or even married, I'm only a biggyteen year old student who loves romance.Back to the issue, yes it was a christian novel but it got me thinking, who said there couldn't be real romance in christianity –my sister duh. Well she was totally wrong. I mean this book was really top of the world wow for me. and I mean it, considering all the romance that I've been reading and writing. The word of God was there and so was the romance. I'm honestly at a loss for the right words to convey my discovery and joy. finally –romance I can relate to. I mean there was no the aggressive male or chauvinistic pig or alpha male and all, but the male character was in fact someone you would wish you had found and fallen in love with first –I promise. I took the liberty of going online to find out more about this book by Nicole Taylor and I decided to share some of the opinions that readers have.

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